Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions including return policy and disclaimer

General conditions area of application the contract by the company car-top-shop.com is closed, only under following conditions, which are to be regarded as a component of the contract. One contradicts to opposing one general trading conditions of the contracting party expressly. The trading conditions apply to all present and future business relations, both to business with private people, and with legal entities in the sense of right.

1. Contract conclusion all offers are always not-binding. Technical changes as well as changes in form, color and/or weight remain reserving in the context of the reasonable one. In catalogs, folders, announcements and price lists or the prices and technical data contained in the documents belonging to the offer can change. Effected within the 10 days no confirmation of order does not apply the contract as closed, it is the commodity was delivered.  The company car-top-shop.com is entitled to require during placing of order an appropriate pre-payment.

2. Terms of payment all prices understand themselves during collection at the company headquarters of the company car-top-shop.com. Additional service, e.g. transfer costs is computed additionally to the conveyed cost estimate/calculations. The purchase price is due, according to the confirmation of order, at the latest in the case of the supply and can be raised also by cash on delivery. Up to the complete payment of the purchase price the property at the supplied hardware, documentation and/or provided programming as well as all articles and services remains with car-top-shop.com. Furthermore the customer up to the complete payment is obligated to treat the order article pfleglich. If maintenance and inspection work or installation costs are necessary, the customer has to carry these at own expense. Same applies with installation of the hardware into the controller (verl. retention of title). The customer is obligated, access third to the commodity, approximately in the case of a seizing to communicate as well as any damages or the destruction of the commodity immediately. A change of ownership to the commodity as well as the own domicile change has the customer with car-top-shop.com to indicate immediately. With delay of payment car-top-shop.com is justified to compute interests at a value of 5 % over the respective rate of discount of the Austrian Federal Bank without a large damage caused by default is excluded to that extent. Opposite the entrepreneur car-top-shop.com reserves itself chip tuning to prove and make a higher damage caused by default valid. The customer is a right for set-off only, if its counterclaims were validly determined or by car-top-shop.com recognized. The company car-top-shop.com is entitled to take into account despite differently reading regulations of the customer, first on its oldest debt. Already if costs arose, then car-top-shop.com is justified, the payments first at the expense to take into account then at the interest and last on the main achievement. If the customer does not follow his liabilities as stipulated, places his payments in to require or it other circumstances well-known, which question the credit-worthiness of the customer, is entitled the company car-top-shop.com to place the entire balance of debt due pre-payments or securities. car-top-shop.com is justified to withdraw with behavior contrary to the terms of the agreement of the customer, in particular with delay of payment or with injury of an obligation of this regulation from the contract and out-require the commodity. The buyer remains it unbenommen to lead the rebutting evidence that an actual damage did not develop or smaller. The set-off in relation to pecuniary claims of the company car-top-shop.com is impossible, it is, the counterclaims of the buyer is indisputably or validly. As far as the orderer is a buyer and the contract belongs to enterprises of its trade, the managing applies according to paragraph also to rights of lien. Calculations are immediately due. The payment effected against cash, cash on delivery or prepayment if something else was not agreed upon in writing. Deductions or discount payment run gene are not possible without the written agreement of car-top-shop.com. During the placing of order if a prepayment is agreed upon, then this is to be carried out before beginning of work.

3. Date of delivery all data of delivery times in the data of the company car-top-shop.com are noncommittal and represent no offer in the sense of right. The date of delivery indicated for contract conclusion is only estimated and may be exceeded around 6 weeks. If the buyer reminds the achievement on thereafter under appropriate period, then the company car-top-shop.com comes at expiration of the term into delay, unless the kind of manufacture and the condition of the ordered commodity justify a further respite for construction dependent reasons. In this case the company car-top-shop.com is obligated, the buyer the duration of the delay immediately admits to give. Requirements of the customer on compensation and other damage caused by default are to that extent impossible, unless the late supply is to due to resolution or rough negligence of the company car-top-shop.com.

4. Scope of supply the company car-top-shop.com supplies pre-programmed Tuning chip, Tuningbox or another electronic measure, after best knowledge and newest conditions of the technology without guarantee for a perfect function in the vehicle described by the buyer. The buyer, it takes over the installation and a any tuning of the engine is, it is agreed upon in the context of the order, something else. The buyer does not have a requirement on a guidance for programming or reprogramming of the Tuningkits (and/or the software). car-top-shop.com is not responsible for damage, which can result from the in or change at the vehicle.


Return policy 

with remote paragraph of the consumers has the right to return the object of the purchase within two weeks after receipt of the commodity. The return right can only by return of the commodity, or, if the commodity not when package can be dispatched, by cancelling demands is exercised; for period keeping the punctual sending off is sufficient. The buyer bears the cost of the return. The consumer has to carry indemnification according to value out for a degradation resulted from the intended putting into use of the commodity. The consumer may examine the commodity carefully and carefully. The depreciation, which leads going out use across the pure examination to it that the commodity no more than "again" cannot being sold, has the consumer to carry. Special orders or particularly for the customer made article or services are excluded from the conversion and the cancelling. With the return the commodity must be packed as far as possible with the original packing material.

You can use also this form to return the item: sample form (https://www.car-top-shop.com/retourenformular.pdf)

6. Passage of the risk the danger turns into with the delivery of the commodity by the parcel service to the buyer. The installation takes place on danger of the buyer. Place of delivery is the registered place of business of the company car-top-shop.com. If the buyer rejects the acceptance of the duly supplied commodity, car-top-shop.com compensation is entitled to the company because of default. Same applies, if the customer receives a supply announcement of the company car-top-shop.com and does not remove not within one period which can be set from 14 days the duly made available commodity. In all cases, in which the customer is obligated to compensation because of default, the company car-top-shop.com is to be required entitled, a compensation lump sum at a value of 15 % of the invoice amount excluding value added tax, without it requires a proof of the damage actually developed. By it the asserting of a higher damage remains unaffected, if this is provable. The customer remains it unbenommen to lead the rebutting evidence that an actual damage did not develop or smaller.

7. Adhesion the company car-top-shop.com is responsible only for resolution and rough negligence. An adhesion of the company car-top-shop.com for transportation and dispatching damage is expressly excluded. Likewise the company car-top-shop.com is not responsible for possible damage, those by the installation of the Tuning chip, which can develop for Tuningbox or other electronic construction units. The company car-top-shop.com clings only for the fact that the Tuning chip, which is functional Tuningbox or other electronic measures with sending off. Or other electronic construction units before the sending off the buyer has to offer the proof for damage of the Tuning chip, the Tuningbox. The buyer it is well-known that the employment and the use of a Tuning chip, which leads Tuningbox or others the achievement increasing measures to expiring the general operating permit and therefore the KFZ may not be used in the public traffic. The company car-top-shop.com does not take over adhesion for damage, which develops in the public traffic, if the Tuning chip, which Tuningbox or other electronic measures in the vehicle was blocked. As far as by achievements by us or the employment by our products changes of performance data of vehicles are manufactured, the general operating permit of the vehicle expires. The vehicle corresponds to the requirements of the force driving law and thus and/or thus also its insurance protection due to such changes no longer can lose. There is for the customer according to the legal regulations also the obligation to indicate occurred changes to the TUEV its KFZ - insurance to communicate and a technical vehicle acceptance to arrange. It requires special permission for the changed vehicle. As far as the buyer leads the vehicle nevertheless in the public traffic, this takes place on own danger. We take over expressly no adhesion for damage of the customer or third, who results from the neglect of these references and the legal regulations. Further the company car-top-shop.com does not take over a warranty for an increase in output of the vehicle due to the Tuning chip, the Tuningbox or other electronic measures, since an increase in output is dependent even on further components of the engine. Likewise the company car-top-shop.com is not responsible for direct or indirect (lack damages, further-corrosive lack) damage to the engine, those due to the Tuning chip, which can develop for Tuningbox or other electronic measures. Any requirements of the buyer from positive violation of contract or from deliktischen requirements are just as impossible, as far as resolution or rough negligence is not to be proven car-top-shop.com on the part of the company.

8. Guarantee/compensation the guarantee amounts to starting from the time of dispatching or the installation 24 months. The company car-top-shop.com carries guarantee for the respective state of the art out appropriate accuracy of the software and the EPROM of the Tuningkit. As far as with vehicles, which are in the warranty or guarantee, by installation of the Tuning chip, which should escape Tuningbox the work warranty granted by the original manufacturer, the company car-top-shop.com does not transfer the aforementioned warranty, it for its part is, it is in the context of the order something else agreed. A guarantee in the case of the self installation by the buyer presupposes that the customer the Tuning chip, who inserts and/or insert lets Tuningbox professionally. By inappropriate installation the chip or the Tuningbox destroyed is impossible a guarantee. The Tuning chip, which may do Tuningbox only for the passenger car and engine (controller) indicated by the buyer is used. The data for increase in output refer only to engines, which correspond to the average value of the manufacturer standard and the series conditions in all substantial functions. Appropriate data for increased output are to be regarded vehicle-individually differently, whereby the technically feasible increased output, so far available, results from the doing V partial appraisal. This can vary depending upon vehicle and model and is on the contract as obligatory to be accepted. It is considered as agreed upon that an increase in output can be determined only in accordance with following conditions and only by two directly sequential test stand measurements. Testing method: Dynamic power measurement, ambient temperature: 20° C. Another determination of the increase in output is not considered than noncommittal and justified for complaint. Complaints in the reference to achievement differences can be recognized only 14 days after treatment of vehicles. The customer has to present a test stand report, out of which goes out in such a case, how much KW has the vehicle pre and after the increase in output and/or had. In the case of errors of the software and/or the function the errors are to be described and the company car-top-shop.com are sufficiently opportunity for rework to be given. The software or the supplied hardware is to be put to car-top-shop.com at the disposal. The software may not be copied or multiplied otherwise. The software may not be changed also. The change of the software by the buyer/customer leads to expiring any warranty claims. For error or lack and damage, which can result at the vehicle also from brief installation of the Tuningkits, the company car-top-shop.com takes over none adhesion. It is not guaranteed after the today's state of the art that building groups in each possible form function with one another. Further it cannot be guaranteed that all construction units in the vehicle, belonging to the scope of supply, can be used. For this incompatibility we take over guarantee only if the to each other incompatible building groups were referred all by us. If there is a incompatibility between building groups strange referred by us and arise, the buyer exempts us from any guarantee or accountability. In the case of lack of the delivery article we are entitled after our choice to improve the incorrect delivery article or to carry replacement out by exchange. For the spare piece and the repair we carry guarantee out in the same way, as for the supply article. Both parties are justified when failing the rework and/or the replacement or during default of a part of contract to require reduction or retrogressive making of the contract. Mutual requirements for compensation, same from which argument, are thereby completely impossible. The guarantee is impossible or expires, if the buyer accomplished already arbitrary improvement work or the supplied parts in engine haven competitions is used. For running hurry, which is short-lived high speed products, our warranty is limited on the respective state of the art appropriate accuracy the material of the part fresh from the factory at the time of the delivery. With participation in engine-sporty competitions the guarantee expires. Oil consumption do not have to correspond that of the vehicle manufacturer to indicated values. All parts the the subject of a case of guarantee are, must us free of charge be set. Natural wear or damages, which is to due to culpable or inappropriate treatment, e.g. driving without engine oil, does not fall under our warranty. Requirements on removal of lack under guarantee fall, by us are recognized only if they are indicated in writing within 14 days after statement. Guarantee work is accomplished exclusively in our workshop or with authorized partners specified by us. Exchanged parts must be sent and gone us to the investigation into our property over. Repairs of smaller extent can be implemented with our written agreement also in another framework place. In addition the maintenance work planned in the vehicle customer service booklet must to be proven be able for the acknowledgment of a guarantee case. If the regulations should have been ignored in the operating instructions of the manufacturer, a guarantee is impossible. Furthermore a guarantee is impossible, if the vehicle is used during competition travels or the vehicle in of us is technically changed authorized way. Requirements on transformation, change or reduction of the sales contract are impossible if we our above guarantee fulfill. It should turn out with the examination of a case of repair in the period of warranty that no defect is present, then the buyer has to carry the examination costs in its entirety.

9. Reserves itself returns the company car-top-shop.com to refuse with without being asked sent in consignments of goods the acceptance. Also here the buyer on the package has to attach a "RMA number", which he has to inquire in advance by telephone or online at car-top-shop.com. 

10. The right of the Federal Republic of Austria applies for area of jurisdiction/final clauses. The regulations of the UN sales law as well as international private law do not apply. If the customer is buyer, legal entity of the public right or public special estate, exclusive area of jurisdiction for all disputes from the present Treaty is Spittal an der Drau, Austria. The same applies, if the customer does not have a general area of jurisdiction in Austria or domicile or usual stay does not admit at the time of the complaint collection is.

11. Salvatori clause is or becomes one of these regulations totally or partly legally ineffective, then the remaining regulations are not affected of it. The regulation concerned is to be laid out in such a way, as it would come in legally effective way the will of the parties next. Changes & mistakes reserve.