BMW X5 E53 repair kit for the gearing from
the transfer case and the drive shaft at the front

BMW X5 E53 1999-2006;  3.0d  3.0i  4.4i  4.6is 4.8is

At the BMW X5 E53 models the transfer case is connected to the front differential (differential gear box) via a drive shaft (PTO shaft / Kadan shaft). The problem of the drive shaft is the toothed end. Over the years, the teeth are used and thus ruined the teeth in the transfer case. It is therefore necessary to swap both the shaft and the transfer case, whereby repair costs of several thousand USD/EUR can be incurred.

Here we offer a perfect and affordable solution to repair the vehicle quickly and in time. This is possible because the teeth in the transfer case are much longer than the teeth of the original drive shaft. Therefore you can extend this with of our repair shaft.

The repair can be carried out very quickly in a workshop, since not even the removal of the transfer case is necessary.

The toothed end of the drive shaft must be cut off from the shaft at the original weld. The repair shaft then fits exactly in the original drive shaft and can be easily welded. The shaft is manufactured so precisely that the shaft does not have to be rebalanced afterwards.

Due to the longer toothing and the special induction hardened material, the connection will last for many years.

The repair shaft is manufactured extremely precisely by means of a modern CNC milling machine and thus fits exactly into the existing cardan shaft and also optimally into the toothing of the transfer case. The special steel was adapted exactly to the hardening of the original wave.

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  • high quality and specially hardened repair shaft
  • detailed, printed installation instructions with photos

BMW X5 E53 repair kit for the transfer case and drive shaft

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